Worry-Free Comfort for one Low Monthly Payment

Pro AC Installation in Edmonton Reinforced by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

When it comes to AC installation in Edmonton, you should avoid skimping and letting just anyone put in your new system.

That’s where the specialists from Rob's Albertan Service Experts enter. Besides the fact we have the training and certification to support our quality air conditioning installation, we’ll give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Reach us at 780-800-9047 to schedule your AC installation now.

5 Signs You Should Consider Air Conditioning Installation

Your air conditioner will begin to give you subtle hints that it needs to be replaced. Here are five of the most typical ones.

  1. You often need repairs. As your air conditioner advances in years, it loses energy efficiency and more likely to malfunctions. If we’re often at your house for air conditioning repairs, you might be due for a new air conditioner.
  2. Repairs exceed more than half the cost of a new air conditioner. Repairs quickly add up. When they exceed more than half the cost of a new air conditioner, it’s time to replace yours.
  3. Your air conditioner is past 15 years old. With annual air conditioning maintenance, your cooling system could work for 20 years. However, it’s wise to start preparing for replacement near the 15-year mark so it’s not a shock.
  4. Your air conditioner has R22 refrigerant. If your air conditioner was installed prior to 2010, it probably runs on R22 refrigerant. This refrigerant is no longer being produced due to its negative effects on the ozone layer. Because R22 has been discontinued, repairing a refrigerant leak would be very expensive.
  5. You want to trim your electrical costs. Purchasing an ENERGY STAR® air conditioner and using it with a smart thermostat is a good approach to spend less on energy costs. Even if you’re replacing an air conditioner that’s merely 10 years old, the Department of Energy says a more efficient one could save you 20–40% on electrical bills.

At Rob's Albertan Service Experts, our Experts will work with you to choose the ideal model for your home. We’ll also do a Manual J Heating and Cooling Load to ensure correct sizing.

We understand that needing a new air conditioner can be a crisis you’re not fully financially prepped for. That’s why we provide flexible financing. For just one low monthly fee, you’ll receive a new air conditioner. You won’t have to have a down payment, and installation costs, annual maintenance and repairs are all incorporated. Plus, you’ll get to pocket any valuable manufacturer’s rebates.

As a valued Advantage Program member, you’ll also receive 24/7/365 priority service and no overtime or trip charges—ever!

What to Anticipate All Through Air Conditioner Installation

What make us stand out from every other HVAC repair company in Edmonton? Here are several of the steps we take on installation day.

When our Expert specialists are at your residence, you can expect they’ll install your new system for peak effectiveness. And they’ll leave your residence and yard in look-alike condition as when they got there.

Beyond that, you can relax knowing you hired a fully licensed, bonded and insured company.

  • Clean installation—When the setup procedures require us to come inside your house, we’ll put on shoe coverings to guard your carpet from mud. We’ll also put down drop cloths at the installation spot to keep your carpet protected from debris throughout our work.
  • First-rate service—Our specialists are ACE-certified. This shows they’ve completed comprehensive training to be awarded the most desirable technical licensing in HVAC. 
  • Attention to the small things—We’ll complete an installation worksheet throughout the process to make sure each little thing is covered. We’ll also make sure your unit is operating like it should and matches local code before we leave. Once installation is completed, we’ll ensure you know how to use your new thermostat and air conditioner.
  • Frequent statuses—We’ll tell you how everything is going and when you can count on us to be done.
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